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Last Day on Earth: Survival – a post-apocalyptic game in which everyone who was fortunate to survive – want to kill zombies and each other. After all, you can only increase your chances of survival, otherwise, your chances are going to zero. Never sympathize, love and get angry, and in general, emotions are not the place. The game, which brought the world of games on phones to the world of games on PC. The breadth of possibilities surprises to the depths of the soul, with its assortment of various tools, lotions, though, character development, etc.

In general – this is a real breakthrough! Just as GTA San Andreas once showed the world a huge amount of PC gaming capabilities, it’s happening with Last Day on Earth: Survival on smartphones and others iOS / Android devices.

Gameplay and Mechanics Last Day on Earth

At the beginning of the game, you are invited to select the server on which you will be playing in the future. In the game itself, others zombies will encounter other similar players who need to resist. If you are friendly, then at the bottom of the screen there is a line in which you can contact the “last” people on the planet. So now it is possible to get together in a team and join clans. How it will look like in practice will show time.

This game is a survival simulator with a huge open world. A few years ago, games of such magnitude were developed only for computers, now you can play this virtually perfect game on your Android or iOS device. To create a game of such a scale on a mobile need to make huge efforts, as all the game mechanics should work as one single mechanism.

The main purpose of your naked and bare character is definitely understandable – to survive, but how to do it if you do not have anything?

To do this, you need to collect everything you can find to understand what object you can pick up, you just have to go to it and around this object will light up – click on the figure hands on your smartphone and your character will take the selected item. Unfortunately, you have limitations on the number of units of the same species and on the number of types of items. One character can have only 8 cells of objects. In turn, each item can be taken up to a maximum of 20 times, for example, 20 bottles of water or food. Also, your inventory can be doubled, but you need to find a backpack.

Of course, what zombies world without a good fight? To do this, you must use your fists or at least some kind of weapon. To hit the zombies you need to click on the corresponding icon on the screen of your smartphone. For a simpler fight against zombies / wild beasts / ill-advised people, you will need a huge knife or a bat. After you gather a few branches, you can make a spear to yourself, it can also be used in a fight or in a hunt for livestock.

By the way about the hunt. In order to catch a deer, you need to sneak into it before sowing and make a blow to the weapon. You will not take him with bare hands but only scare him.

Everyone likes films/shows in which a hero tries to survive in almost prehistoric conditions, having only knowledge of what works and how – Last Day on Earth: Survival is precisely such a game. Here you will be trying to survive collecting everything you can use.

A few tips and life hacks on the game:

  • Tip 1 – You can use the same materials (tree, stone, etc.) to build a house in order to create a tool (kirka, ax, etc.).
  • Tip 2 – in the location where you will appear at the beginning – there is a pickup, it contains a lot of necessary materials. Be sure to take a huge knife, it inflicts a lot more damage on your enemies and helps you defeat much faster.
  • Tip 3 – Build a house, otherwise you will not be able to get to other locations.
  • Tip 4 – If you are attacked by a flock of zombies, then you should retreat and go beyond the zone of location, wait 1 second, restore your character’s health and enter again. After re-entering the location, all zombies will be arranged, if not separated from each other, then at least in the original position.
  • Tip 5 – The danger in the first stages of the game is represented by – crowd zombies (3 and more), dehydration and hunger. Therefore, keep an eye on these indicators.

One of the features of the game is a strong link to real time. Want to go to another location – why not, but take into account the fact that it is possible to get there either by walking or running all distances, and it is quite a real fact that after passing you will get tired less, and accordingly more energy will remain for you to explore other locations. You get 100 units of energy, if you want to move very fast on the map, then you will have to spend them. There is also the second option – walking slowly from base to base, but you can save precious energy, which is restored well for very long.

Having enough materials you can build a house, fill it with furniture. Also, do not forget in a house to create enough chests to store things. In addition, you need to understand that if you are killed, then you will lose all things and resurrect your naked at your base. But still, you can return to the place of death to find your dead copy and retake all your inverters. Death to others places does not leave your copy, therefore, things you want to return to death in other places is impossible. Going to the intelligence – take only the most necessary.

As for the battle with zombies, at the beginning of the game you have to destroy them all, do not hide and do not try to escape (if you can kill them, or they crowd attack). At the first levels of the game they are slow (unlike animals) and quickly die, besides, they are carriers of different things (clothes, a backpack, jokes all sorts).

For your development, you will need drawings to create various tools and techniques. For example, in order to get iron ore, you need a pickaxe. To create a pickaxe, you need a tree and a stone. Having a tree and a stone you need to get a drawing first (for this fee is charged by means which are also given initially), then we create a new tool according to the drawing using the materials. And so the whole process of the game. The longer you play the more you have the capabilities and the better your character gets pumped out.

System requirements:

In order to play the Last Day on Earth game without lags, glitches, FPS crashes, you need to know in advance whether your device is suitable for its characteristics and capabilities. Below you can see a table that displays all the minimum system requirements for Android games.

Download and install the game:

  • To begin play, you need to go to a special section of the site and Download the APK file on your device from our high-speed servers or through the Play Market.
  • Launch it. To run it, you need to find it on your phone by using your device’s wizard. If the file is downloaded to the flash card, we launch it from the download folder (Download)
  • Install the application by running the APK file (the installation process may pop up a window with a warning about the unsafe start of the file. To avoid problems, activate the “unknown sources” function on your own phone)
  • Turn on the game and enjoy it.

Trailer and Screenshots of the game 2018:

Before downloading and installing Last Day on Earth: Survival, many players want to look at its unreal possibilities by revising gameplay screenshots, trailers, and video tracks. Below you can be sure of the quality of the game and understand why in 1 month it was installed more than 5 million times.

Game Forum The Last Day on Earth:

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