By | March 6, 2018

We remind you, the current version of the game for today 1.7.9, which was released on March 5th. Download this update you can here. Update 1.7.9 global, in contrast to the previous one. Here you will find the following changes:

  • A great opportunity kraft turret (automatic machine gun, which shoots independently). Now thanks to the turret, you can protect your home. Be sure to use the opportunity to improve the turret.
  • New quests for Raiders, that is, you have other ways to achieve their location.
  • A new event is the location of the oak. Be careful. A new location will not appear on the map all at once, but you should be ready for it. For example, find more axes, on the map “oak” they will become your weapon.
  • Added the ability to break an ax with furniture, during raids. Thus you can clear your way in someone else’s chests. But be careful! This does not apply to furniture that is collected from other items after crafting.

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