By | February 28, 2018

As we already reported earlier, today a new patch for Last Day on Earth 1.7.8 was started. Something grand or ambitious in this update is not provided. But still, you will like some moments.

  • Perhaps the main innovation in this patch is customization of players. Finally, a female character was added. Now you not only can choose the gender of your player but also successfully change his appearance. You can change a lot: hair and skin color, hair length, hairstyle. As for the male character, here you can change the haircut, hair color, skin color, and beard.
  • In addition to the customization of players in the update 1.7.8, the developers changed the Dealer. Now he is more talkative, he can contact the offer of the transaction himself and decide what he needs. Listen carefully to the radio, so as not to miss something important.
  • More often there will be a “clean” box that would be easier to pass the bunker.
  • Near the radio, there were three waves: a trader, raiders, bunkers.

How the game looks now you can see on the video below

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