By | May 20, 2019

Last Day on Earth is turning 2 years old! We invite everyone to take part on a great celebration!

  • Your old friends will gather at a new location to celebrate another year survived. A big party is waiting for you!
  • Prepare totake part in seven celebratory events. Fireworks, fights, new monster – just the way you like it.
  • What is a birthday without presents? Complete tasks and get just rewards.

Update LDOE 1.12


Update LDOE 1.12: Anniversary, Husky

  • Hot news for all dog lovers – huskies settled down in these parts!
  • Supposedly, these dogs came from the north searching for food, so it’s quite expected that they can found in snowy locations. You also have a chance to get a husky puppy with humaniterian aid box.
  • You can’t crossbreed huskies with other breeds, only with huskies. So beautiful but sopicky.

Download LDOE 1.12


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