By | June 26, 2019

Hello friends!

We are glad to inform you that our favorite LDOE has been updated and in this article we will examine in detail all the changes and innovations that the developers have prepared for their fans.


Scientists and military carried out many experiments back in the day. Part of them believed that underground shelters might help to survive the last day on Earth. Some are still inhabited, others are occupied by the living dead, and all these years the basements have been right there under your nose.

To find them, you have to carefully explore basics resource locations. The secret entrance may be found in the most unexpected place. There are 5 basements in total. Each with its own loot and inhabitants. When dying, you lose everything and will not be able to return to the basement. Good luck!

Sector 7

The last update in sector 7 has given us Miner, the boss only a few clans manage to slay, while comments in social networks got filled with ads recruiting new members. For those who wish to spend a fierce evening trying to beat the Miner, we’ve decreased the number of items required for repairing the Sector 7 terminal.


Forget about rumors and assumptions on LDOE spreading over the Internet. From now on, the most up-to-date information from the developers and the hottest offers will be available right in the game on a special screen.

Bugs fixed

It was fixed more than 20 errors that to some extent worsened the gameplay.


Download new update:

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