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Friends! We hasten to inform about the release of a new update for the best game of survival, it is about Last Day on Earth. Meet the new version of the game 1.9. Let’s figure out what’s new and interesting for us have been prepared by developers.

What’s new in Last Day on Earth 1.9

Now the players have the opportunity to customize and change the characteristics of the basic weapon at its discretion. But everything is not so easy. To crank such an operation, you need to find a drawing, study it and create a corresponding modification.

Important! If you manage to create a similar weapon, you do not have to worry about losing it when you die or breaking it, all the modifications you’ve got remain with you forever. Having received a new weapon, you can continue to use all previously created improvements.

How to find the drawings?

As we already informed, to change the characteristics of the weapon and create something new, something special, you first need to find the drawings. Well, where to find them? Drawings can be found in the following places:

  • conveyor boxes in the bunker
  • air road
  • red locations
  • when disassembling a firearm

Changes with the armorer’s table

These changes can be called pleasant for the players. First, the developers have lowered the level necessary to study this drawing; secondly, they simplified the construction of the weapons table itself and, in the third, added functionality. Now you can use the machine to install modifications to both firearms and bladed weapons.

New resources added

Developers added new resources:

  • glue
  • springs
  • carbon
  • factory details
  • and more

All these details are useful for modifications and not only. Some details can be found more often, while others are less common, one can be found in boxes, while for others it is necessary to kill a couple of zombies.


There were planned changes with the engineer:

  • there was a table for the armourer
  • there was an opportunity to exchange drawings. If you have extra, you can exchange them for random ones.
  • Awards and reputation have been updated. Now you can get two drawings: a rare and extremely rare quality.

Video review of update 1.9 for Last Day on Earth


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