By | October 16, 2018

The week has just begun, but the developers have already managed to please the players with a new update. Meet update 1.9.9 for Last Day on Earth.

What’s new in Last Day on Earth 1.9.9?

  • The game has added a new location “Motel”

The motel is a previously abandoned successful roadside motel. Nothing remained of the former popularity of the motel. Abandoned, dilapidated buildings, neglected territory and cars left in the parking lot – all this clearly reminds the player of the tragedy of humanity. Be careful in spite of the silence and imaginary calm in this location you are in danger.

The staff who stayed here after the tragedy will meet you not very friendly. Be ready to defend and defend, but still there is one good news – everyone will be able to cope with this task, even a player without much experience and practice.

  • New mechanics

In the new location you will find a new and simple mechanics.

Important! The developers decided to give a little advice to the players: “Stock up on axes and a gas cylinder”. I am sure this advice was given not by chance, therefore I advise you to listen to it.

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