By | September 28, 2018

Survivors! We have for you another news about a new patch. Meet the update 1.9.8 for Last Day on Earth. There are not many changes in this update, but they are all important and useful. Some of them were asked by the players, but the rest were added by the developers themselves.

What’s new in Last Last on Earth 1.9.8?

  • On numerous requests from players on the global map the convoy returned. In addition, the event was updated, and new development scenarios were added. Be careful and ready for everything.
  • After the convoy’s return, rumors began circulating about the secret room with a locked door in the lobby of the bunker. No one else could get there, but still, it’s real. This requires the biometric parameters of one particular person. Your job is to find this person or at least his remains.
  • Do you like Winchester? Now can you configure and change the parameters of this legendary weapon for yourself.


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