By | September 20, 2018

Surely you noticed that on September 19th, Last Day on Earth was updated. The current version of the game is 1.9.7. Just want to warn that this update is not large-scale, but rather partial. Developers paid attention to several specific things in the game. For example, clans, choppers, quests and perks.

What’s new in Last Day on Earth 1.9.7?

First of all, the developers decided to modernize the clan system. Now players will have the opportunity to create clans, add their friends and deny those who you do not like if you do not have your own clan you can successfully register in it. All you need to know about clans are:

  • To join the clan you need to get a tower of the 2nd level
  • To create a clan you need a tower of the 3rd level
  • The maximum number of players that can be in the clan is 10 people
  • To join the clan you need to send the application, only after confirming the application by the clan owner you will have access to the entry
  • Do not know which clan to join? The software provides you options. Thanks to a certain algorithm, the program calculates certain data, for example, the language barrier, and provides you with options for choosing a clan.
  • ¬†Want to give a name to your clan, remember you can use no more than 12 characters.
  • Found a clan that you like, remember you can send only 1 application, as soon as you send another application to another clan, the previous application will be liquidated

Instruction for the chopper

The developers revised their requirements for the creation of a chopper and decided to simplify the assembly system a little, more precisely to expand the search for spare parts for the chopper. Now players will be able to receive a survival guide, which will find information about missing spare parts. Be careful of the daily missions you get a good loot, which you need.


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