By | August 31, 2018

Survivors! Meet the new update for Last Day on Earth under version 1.9.6. In this update, the developers as always prepared a lot of new and very interesting. A new event, a new kind of zombie, new opportunities and features of zombies, new awards and many new and very exciting things.

What’s new in Last Last on Earth 1.9.6?

  • New Event “Police Station”

Developers continue to amaze and delight players with new events and locations. This time, a new event, “Police Station”, appeared in the game. What is this location? The police station is a new location, which consists of 4 zones. Your task is to go through all these zones and destroy the new kind of zombies, which it will be extremely difficult to overcome.

Depending on the complexity of the level of passage will be distributed the value of the award. The higher level of complexity, the more valuable the reward for it. Before each sweep of the zombies on the terminal there will be a special message about the level of difficulty of this level, as well as the call of zombies. Activate the terminal for the first time you can without problems, but for further activations and calls for zombies, you need a chip.

Important! You can activate the terminal for the first time without chips, but if you leave the area or you can not cope with the enemy or die in the event – then your level will be reset to the starting point and everything will have to start from the beginning, but now you need a chip for activation.

  • A new kind of zombie

The police station is a completely new location with at least new zombies. Such strong zombies with new features you have not seen. Police, prisoners, as well as special units of soldiers – they are all now zombies, which pose a threat to the survivors. What zombies are you waiting at the police station?

Armored zombies – these zombies can withstand strong attacks, so be careful with them. Soldiers of special destiny (now zombies) are no less dangerous enemies, as soon as the standard of living of these zombies is rapidly decreasing – they explode. Be extremely attentive to them.


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