By | August 2, 2018

Survivors! Glad to report that the testing of the patch 1.9.3 is over and today this update is finally available for everyone. First of all, we want to say that the rumors that went around this patch were true. Therefore, meet a new location called Farm. What is the peculiarity of this location and what prizes are you waiting for, we will tell you about it in detail today.

What’s new in Last Last on Earth 1.9.3?

  • The game has a new map called “Farm”

If the word “farm” makes you pleasant, nostalgic memories, then the farm in Last Day on Earth has a completely opposite meaning. The farm is a new location, which is a neglected version of an earlier and prosperous farm with a large number of zombies of various types, as well as pleasant prizes.

Your journey begins with the construction of the bridge, the bridge that will be a safe crossing to the desired location. To build a bridge, you need a little clamps, as well as a few planks, scrap metal and other useful resources. Building a bridge is not only one your concern at this location. As soon as you get to the unexplored territory, be extremely careful, this area is full of evil spirits and other creatures who want to kill you. Here you will find not only well-known zombies but also new enemies. For example, a bull that succumbed to the influence of radiation and now became a carrier of a deadly infection, a dangerous zombie farmer, as well as the Destroyer (see in the screenshot below)

Another important element will be the emergence of a new weapon – spit. With this weapon, you can easily fight with new enemies. As for awards, they are here. In the territory of the location, you will find a special box, to distinguish it from simple will be easy: this box has obvious features – a large lock. In the box, you will find many pleasant and useful things.

Important! Once you find the box, do not rush it to the bunker. First, you need to crack down on the lock, you can do it on the spot. You can remove the lock thanks to the machine, which is located on the territory of the Farm. Be attentive as soon as you turn on the machine to the sound of a working machine, many uninvited guests will gather. Be ready for the fight.


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