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Immediately after the release of patch 1.9.2 on the Internet there was information about the release of a new update under version 1.9.3. This is partly true information. What awaits players in the update 1.9.3 and when will this patch officially be released? These questions we will give you the answer in this article.

So, let’s start with the release date. The fact is that already now some players, more precisely certain streamers already test this patch. It means, the developers gave access to certain gamers to fully test the update 1.9.3. Thanks to these players, we first get a “quality” update without bugs and errors, and secondly, we can know in advance about new changes and additions. The exact date of this update is not known, but according to some assumptions, the update 1.9.3 for Last Day on Earth will take place in early August (August 1 or 2).

What’s new in Patch 1.9.3 for Last Day on Earth?

  • New location Farm

A farm is a training ground for players who want to learn how to protect their bunker. What is Fermat’s location? The first thing you’ll see is a broken bridge and an old car. First, you need to repair the bridge, all the necessary parts you will find in the car. Once the bridge is serviceable you need to get to the farm grounds. Be careful! On the farm, there are many dangerous and evil creatures, among whom you will meet new zombies. To receive rewards you will have to destroy all the zombies and including some survivors who came to the Farm territory before you.

  • New weapons

In patch 1.9.3 there will be a new cold gun – a scythe

  • New zombies and bosses

A complete list of all the innovations of the patch 1.9.3 see in the video below

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