By | May 28, 2018

May 25th, 2017 officially released the first release of the game Last Day on Earth. Exactly one year ago, players were able to test and experience the wonderful and very progressive game Last Day on Earth. Especially for this day, the developers released their new one and we will immediately say a tremendous update under version 1.8.5.

What’s new in Last Last on Earth 1.8.5?

Patch 1.8.5 is a special, festive update, so its events here are special. Let’s start with the main:
A new creature that appeared in an infected forest drives fears to everyone. A creature that can control and even invoke hordes of zombies. What could it be? A witch is a new boss, it will be difficult to destroy, but very useful for you. After the death of the witch, you will receive a special trophy. Which one? You will recognize after activation.

To destroy such an enemy as a witch, you will need an explosive, cannons and a necessary first-aid kit. Good luck in this hard battle!

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