By | May 22, 2018

Friends! Hurry up to update your game Last Day on Earth to the current version 1.8.4 and experience all the innovations and changes.

What’s new in Last Last on Earth 1.8.4?

As you know the game has several updates in a row, the multiplayer system – one of the most useful and popular features for players. In update 1.8.4, the developers added a new customization system. What is its essence? Customize a specific weapon for a specific purpose. It is a flexible system that allows you to individually customize the parameters of your weapons for a specific purpose. But as always there is a certain BUT. First, you have to find a recipe, create a module and install it. Do you not think that everything would be so simple?

How will improve weapons? Firstly, quality will improve, secondly, to add cartridges and even to appear new effects. How will it work? For each weapon, there are new slots that you can combine and get something completely new.


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