By | April 27, 2018

Today we have special news, we have a large-scale update, patch where you can craft, build, develop and even find something. In general, meet the update 1.8.2.

What’s new in patch 1.8.2?

  • There was a machine for processing junk

If you think that this innovation has no practical functions, then you are deeply mistaken. The purpose of this machine is not only to put things in order in the house, but also to get useful things. How exactly? We’ll tell you about it.

Often, after the players have found something, especially if they had to work hard to finish it, they do not rush to throw it out even if it is useless at all. Efforts that were spent on receiving it do not give players easy throw them away.

As a result of such actions, the base becomes similar to a dump with unnecessary trash, but this does not frighten players. To avoid such a developer introduced so-called machine in the patch 1.8.2. If you think that it is aimed at improving the appearance of the veins of players, but you are mistaken, this innovation carries a practical goal. Thanks to the machine you can get really valuable things destroying the old, unnecessary temple.

To further interest the players and increase the desire to use the machine, developers have changed some of the recipes, now to get a certain object, you will need unique parts that can be finished only on the machine.

  • Possibility to get an engine

If you see rusty cars, then be careful because with them you can get an engine that can be dismantled on the machine and get unique details. Important! Without a chopper, you can not take it away.

  • Mechanics of visiting locations changed

Many players often complain that the actions that occur on the locations are too uniform and even boring. Now this situation will change. For your work in exploring new locations of the post-apocalyptic world, you will be generously rewarded. Now you will earn points for research, which you will spend on the pumping of your character. You can improve your character’s active or passive skills.


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