By | April 18, 2018

First of all, we want to warn you that update 1.8.1 is not as large as the previous one, but still, there are a lot of useful and important additions and changes that will make the game even more comfortable and convenient for the user.

What’s new in the update 1.8.1¬†for Last Day on Earth?

  • Walls for the rarest and most important weapons

Call this innovation practical or useful for the game we can not. It is more aimed at improving the appearance of your bunker. Thanks to the stand which by the way is highlighted with the help of batteries, you can demonstrate all your skills in the extraction of rare trophies, but do not forget about the raiders. Strengthen the limits of your housing to the maximum.

  • New commands and opportunities with a dog in the game

The previous innovation that brought a new and very long-awaited character into the game was very pleased by many users. To further improve the dog and its interaction with the player, the developers have made new opportunities. For example, the personal name of each dog. Earlier that you would distinguish puppies you could choose him a nickname, but only from the list. Well, now you can come up with a name for each dog personally, something new, something your own.

In addition, the developers have added the ability to control the dog thanks to voice commands. For example, “Lie” or “Sit”, but if you can not find your friend in the bunker, you will need the “Voice” command.

  • Fixed a bug in the trough
  • Improved game balance

Now zombies of different classes will do less damage to each other.

  • The system of work of notifications has changed

Now you can decide what message you receive and which ones do not stand your attention. Thanks to this you will receive only the most important and useful news for you.


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