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Friends! We hasten to inform that on March 5th there was a new, mega interesting update for Last Day on Earth. If in the previous version of the updates we can select the only customization for heroes, then in patch 1.7.9 you will find a lot of interesting things. The developers specifically delayed the release of this patch, which would include all the planned changes.

What’s new in patch 1.7.9

  • The time of winter events ended with the winter and now it is the time of the hot spring events. The first mini event is already waiting for you. On your map, suddenly there may be a location called “oak”, so that you have to go through it with axes. They are very useful to you. This is your weapon.

Last Day on Earth 1.7.9

  • The game is translated into Korean
  • Perhaps one of the main innovations was the possibility of crafting the turret. Let’s remind, the turret is an automatic machine gun, which shoots independently without any interference. Now the players have the opportunity to acquire this kind of protection. Important! At your base, you can install no more than 4 pieces. In addition, you can improve it: make more or increase the armor, since the turret, as well as anything on the base, can break.
    If it does happen, you do not have to worry about enough spare parts on the base, which will help fix everything and return your turret back to its original state. As for the target, the turret reacts to warm-blooded creatures: other survivors and animals.
    If you think that the turret can stop grabbing by raiders, then you are mistaken. For them, it will not be a hindrance, that would get to your base. So do not forget to share with these guys in time their prey otherwise, they will break it and you will have to do repairs.
  • What’s new in the bunker you ask. How about a freezer in the bunker Alpha. Interesting? The first thing you’ll see is cold, but this is not the most important thing in comparison with what awaits you ahead. Zombies are also not a big problem, besides there are not many of them. Spiked cocoons and turrets – that’s what you really need to fear, especially the turrets, there are a lot.
  • Increased the variation of quests for Raiders. Now you are expecting new, complex tasks. For example, a variety of crafting humanitarian supplies and individual floors of the bunker.


One Reply to “Update 1.7.9 for Last Day on Earth”

  1. Ande

    Why does this game continue to not fix the basic balance of reward Vs effort??

    1. Journeys use way too much energy and fuel drops too few to balance
    2. Armour costs too much to.make and runs out way too fast
    3. Guns are hard to come by and when you use the bullets they break… Why not keep the gun but have ammo drops ?? Crazy.
    4. Walls are too costly at level 3…
    5. Bunker crates… Hardest crate costs more tokens but despite heavy drop rate for greens and orange tokens these are cheaper… And no way in 10 greens for 5 orange or 1 red for example.
    6. Hard mode and level 4 are way too hard without the ability to build guns…

    It’s shockingly obvious that the strategy being employed by the product team is to annoy users into buying items… I’m afraid this tactic doesnt work on me… I would be disappointed if people are falling for it… It’s just shocking.

    Baring in mind I’ve played for nearly a year… I have to say that every update now seems to be less and less in touch with what the majority of users want / need to increase enjoyment. Not long until I give up altogether and look at alternatives that have popped up.


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