By | February 12, 2018


As we promised for the coming of the new Chinese year, there will be a special update in which many innovations will be added.

  • A four-legged friend will get you to the new location Silent Abode. Help a wise elderly to get ready to see the new year in. Light up lanterns and cope with a beast hiding in the mist.
  • Look for special items and exchange them for meals with bonuses at Dealer’s. Don’t forget that you have to assemble a radio to unlock Dealer!
  • What kind of New Year is it without crackers and fireworks? Look for them on a special location and don’t forget a torch – zombies will definitely hate this!
  • We reduced energy consumption when traveling on the global map during the holiday by half. The offer will last from 02.15 to 02.25!


6 Replies to “Update 1.7.6 for Last Day on Earth”

  1. Jonathan Nathanson

    This shit doesn’t work – game just doesn’t load on iOS after updating? Same issue for my mate…

    1. Samual

      Same for me, on Ios. Keeps sending me to upgrade after I already upgraded. Cant enter the game.

  2. Leo

    Same thing too,i have ios and my game keeps on saying to update it when it was already updated,i can wait i just got nothing to do at the mea time

  3. JC

    Hacks are only for Android. Can’t hack IOS without ruining AppleID. Have to jailbreak your phone first. Recommend using alternative AppleID when doing this


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