By | February 3, 2018

Hello! Today we are waiting for a new update under version 1.7.3. This update is timed to the Chinese New Year, which will take place very soon. The Chinese theme was chosen not by chance if you do not know that the biggest part of Last Day on Earth players is from China, so the developers decided to congratulate their fans something special.

Update 1.7.3 is a micro-update, or rather a special event, where many changes and additions await you.

  • A new event will be added – “The Secret Shelter”.

Here you are waited by the real woman-warrior Mu Lan and a new kind of zombie Jiang-Shi. To overcome a zombie you will need the help of warrior Mu Lan, but to win her trust is not easy. First, you need to fulfill her instructions. For example, feed the horse or fish, grow rice and so on. If you are confident in your abilities, you can compete with Mu Lan who is the best warrior, for this, it is enough just to hit the gong.

  • New weapons for victory

If you win, you will receive a generous reward – a new armor, weapons or special food. And food and armor, as well as weapons will remain with you forever and even after the end of the event. So it’s worth trying.

  • Special food

During the event, you will be introduced to Chinese cuisine, which will surprise you. The products that you will use will betray you a special effort. For example, fried lotus – to provide you with additional experience, and fruit in caramel will slow down the opponent when struck.

As you can see, a new and extremely interesting event awaits you.


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  1. Johnny Patek

    All I ever get is food and now I have two swords but no armor so is there anyway to get the armor besides this event?


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