By | January 19, 2018

Friends! Today there was an update which we informed you earlier. The current version of the game Last Day on Earth 1.7.2. Just want you to warn the update is not large-scale, but rather additional. In addition to other changes, developers canceled all New Year’s additions and elements.

What’s Last Last on Earth 1.7.2?

  • Removed all New Year’s items, except turkey and gun
  • Now the raiders will more often attack the bases of neighbors
  • When the wall of the first level is destroyed, the noise will be much less
  • If you make a deal with raiders, your competitors will be able to attack you within 24 hours
  • Changed the radio settings. Now to get the right wave you need to find the right purity


14 Replies to “Update 1.7.2 for Last Day on Earth”

  1. Saahith

    I live in Lagos Nigeria the update is not there to download what is this

  2. Shailesh Apte

    I’m on level 13 and have updated the game from 1.7.1 to 1.7.2. After the update, I’m not able to pass the loading screen since it gets stuck in the end. Please let me know what I’m supposed to do as a workaround for this.

  3. Jadon15

    I cleared bunker Alfa and it’s saying i didn’t so I can’t do a raid can someone tell me what I could be doing wrong

  4. Vebriarta

    we need chopper gas tank, not some bullshit raiding other player bases…

  5. shibly

    have the number of spikes been reduced to 80 now ? I think I had more and after the update some were destroyed (debris)

  6. Jason Oesch

    After 1.7.2 update I can’t rebuild walls. Please send patch update to fix.

  7. Marshall

    What i did was i forced close the app and reopened it and it didnt stuck at the end anymore but the thing that sucks is i have no rsiders and im at level 45 now and the gas tank seems impossible to find I’m wondering if theres a gas tank in this one but frankly i think the chrismas update was the best update

  8. Darius

    LD says go to store click on update and you’re good to go. Except they neglected to include the ‘update’ button. So they game is impossible to update. Major fubar. So I can’t even massively build up my cache to ridiculous proportions while I build strength to survive bunker alpha.


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