By | March 15, 2018

Yesterday, unexpectedly, a new update for Last Day on Earth came out. First of all, we want to disappoint you a little, there are no large-scale changes here. No new characters, new quests, new weapons or bunker levels.

But still, there is something useful. After the new larger update 1.7.9, where in addition to the female character the developers added the possibility of installing a turret for your protection, a new level in the bunker, new quests for raiders and much more, users began to report significant errors.

To fix this unpleasant situation, the developers of Last Day released a micro update under version 1.7.10. The purpose of this action is the same – fix bugs in patch 1.7.9. Therefore, all players are strongly encouraged to reinstall the game and then fully enjoy the gameplay.

What’s New in patch 1.7.10?

  • Fixed all bugs and minor bugs
  • Significantly improved performance

You can download the update now using this link.

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