By | November 29, 2017

Friends! Tonight was a new update for Last Day on Earth. The update is not big, it is a micro-update, the current version of the game for today is 1.7.0 or 1.6.9 (309). As you understand the purpose of this update is one – to fix all the bugs that were detected in the previous patch. In the update 1.6.9, which came out a few days earlier, unfortunately, some bugs were found that are urgently needed to be resolved. After numerous statements, comments and requests from players, the developers decided to release a micro patch, which can fix all the bugs.

Let’s recall the innovations in patch 1.6.9:

  • The new regime in the bunker “Alpha”. The mode is secret and mega-complex. Before you activate it, think twice, firstly you will not be able to return to the previous level and secondly you will need special weapons for special zombies
  • will add a new kind of zombie
  • new weapons
  • Add new items, but to get them first of all, earn a reputation among the military.


10 Replies to “Update 1.7.0 for Last Day on Earth”

  1. Pratik Gondaliya

    hey. I want apk mod of last day on earth latest version. and I can’t download from this page. can you please send me link on my email address. thank you.

  2. MythNW

    My first time modding. This worked without a problem. Awesome mod, thanks. Note* there are things that you can craft that will not work in game. One in particular, the high level revolver gun. Once I crafted and equipped it, the game crashed and I’m stuck on the loading screen. Not sure where to go from there, lol, but I’d do it all over again. Totally worth the time and effort to mod.

  3. burntchain13

    Mine did the same thing when I crafted the revolver it won’t equip then it won’t equip nothing else. After I closed and restarted it the page get stuck on the load screen email me with help please

  4. adam

    The game ask for an update since this afternoon,but there is no update avaible,what should i do?

  5. Anthony

    I updated the game to 1.7 and I can’t even get it to load the screen opens up a tiny bit of the load bar appears then the game crashes. Any help?

  6. Cristi

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  7. Christian

    Fucking update. All my Levels are lost and i start with level zero agan. Fuck the game and the developers.


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