By | November 26, 2017

It’s been a while since there were some news from the Alfa bunker so our today’s update is fully dedicated to it:

  • SECRET PROTOCOL. Find an army specialist in the bunker and get access to a new mode of passing with special enemies.
  • EVEN MORE WEAPONS. Help the specialist learn what happened in the Alfa bunker and earn a reputation among the army. And you will also be able to get the most advanced weapons: SCAR, dual Berettas and Multi-Shot grenade launcher.
  • MODIFICATIONS. The saved specialist will modify your weapons if you find all required materials and reach an agreement with him.
  • BIG BOSS.¬†On one of the bunker floors you will encounter a new zombie type – The Blind One. It’s not that easy to cope with him but you have a chance to get a special item.

New zombie demonstration video:

Hard mode demonstration video:

Download a new update you can here.

4 Replies to “Update 1.6.9 for Last Day on Earth”

  1. Duncan D'Abreton

    Been playing the 1.6.9 mod for a few days now and it is great – thanks. Although this morning when opening the game, it says to update – thought there was a bug fix to take the game to 1.7, although when checking play store, nothing, they still on 1.6.9? Anything I should be doing?


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