By | November 3, 2017

Today there was a small update of the game LDOE. In this patch the events “Wrecked Ship” will be restarted. In addition, the developers have solved a number of technical problems that will help to introduce new features into the game.

What’s new in the 1.6.7 update?


  • We relaunched the Wrecked Ship event. Now you can pretend to a cargo part if you cope with its hungry guards. We have left a surprise for you, watch carefully and use cunning instead of brutal force.

Fixed minor bugs

Preparing the game engine for future updates

Download update

Hacked mod

Video demonstration of the features of the new update:

3 Replies to “Update 1.6.7 for Last Day on Earth (LDOE)”

  1. Alex Nguyen

    When are you guys actually gonna start implementing other areas and get the vehicles going? Seems to be more important than going to a boat to get the same things you already can get.


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