By | November 1, 2017

Hello everybody! Today there was a small patch of the game “LDOE” in which the developers added support for top-end smartphones, corrected errors, removed some items that were added specifically to Halloween.

What’s new in the 1.6.6 update?

Convenient support

  • we are doing our best for tou not to have any problams with the game. But if you still experience some issues, welcometo our new help sections! For your convenience we added an opportunity to enter it right from the game setting.

Technical innovetions

  • We always pay close attention to progress and technical innovations and we are doing everything we can for you to play Last Day on Earth on top devices without any issues. Today we have added iPhone X support.

Forced Changes

  • Halloween is over and some items will disappear forever while others will stay wirh you for some more time and remind you of the holiday.
  • As always we fixed bugs and optimized the game. Looking forward to your feedback and new interesting ideas!

Download update

Hacked mod

11 Replies to “Update 1.6.6 for Last Day on Earth (LDOE)”

  1. Adarsh Kun

    Guys i am lv 50+ and i still do now have chopper gas tank, chopper fork, chopper tyres, engine parts…was it maent impossible to craft…i have been to the bunkers numerous times, bit it didnt help, i went to red zones, got the coupons and opemed boxes but they were no help either…do something with the parts guys!…many players are losing interest in this game due to lack of chopper and atv parts…i love this game and dun wanna leave it…???

    1. chunkybits

      lv 50+? Hah! You’d better strap in or give up now. I’ve been capped at lv 99 for over a month, running bunker obsessively every time it resets… and no gas tank yet.

      1. maxi

        try making a .rar of the files folder of the game, then run to bunker and open red crate, if no gas tank close game, and extract the files folder from the rar, overwrite old files and try again, eventually you will get the chopper gas tank or wheel, or whatever you are after

    2. goldboy

      Follow the tricks given on youtube for getting fas tank,i did the same and unlocked watch tower,or watch for my channel- Goldboy Tricks

  2. Alex

    Need to give more places to find minerals and especially engine parts. I’m level 50+ and struggling to get 20 engine parts. It’ll take me a decade to get 200 for the ATV.

  3. Alexandre Nguyen

    Guys you cannot get any vehicle… They haven’t implement them yet

  4. Justin Glowka

    To the creator of this game, either have it completely finished so it’s playable or delete it till it’s completely functioning


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