By | October 21, 2017
Last Day on Earth 1.6.5 Halloween

Hello everybody! Today on October 21th, a new update for Last Day on Earth – 1.6.5. This update is dedicated to the holiday of All Saints Day – Halloween. What is special and interesting prepared for us developers on Halloween?

What’s new in the 1.6.5 update?

  • Now you have the opportunity to grow a pumpkin in beds instead of a carrot. With the help of a pumpkin you can prepare yourself a pumpkin soup and refresh yourself.
  • You have the opportunity to become a collector of interesting things: eyes, brains and teeth of zombies. All these things you can change from the dealer Frankie Stein to more interesting: pumpkin helmet, a collar for zombies and a pattern for his Chopper “Halloween 17”.
  • Dealer Frankie Stein will appear twice a day to make it easier for you to exchange items with him.
  • If you manage to find a cemetery, then you can get something interesting. Of course, for this you will have to dig in the graves of the dead.

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Video about update 1.6.5:

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