By | October 14, 2017

Friends! Today on October 14th, a new patch was released under version 1.6.4 for Last Day on Earth. What’s new and interesting for us in this patch?

  • The sea often brings interesting things to the beach. In the new event on the global map, you will find a crashed ship. Talk to the old captain, maybe he has something to offer
  • Whatever happens in the world, and smugglers will always find something to profit. Soon they will remind of themselves and, perhaps, this time they will need help.

Changes in balance sheet

  • According to numerous requests, the developers increased the loss of engine parts and spanners in the box of humanitarian cargo for a while.

Perfect protection

  • The developers added two new protection sets to the list of drawings. The first set: leather-covered versions of a shirt, pants, and sneakers, the second – a hat, jacket, jeans and work boots reinforced with iron plates. Hurry up!

Download Patch 1.6.4

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