By | December 6, 2017

Last night, on December 5th, was a new release of the game Last Day on Earth. A new patch was released under version 1.6.10. Let’s see what interesting developers have prepared for us.

  • Firstly, if you look at your mobile device you will see a new icon that has been specially modified for the coming holidays. Now you will be greeted by a character dressed in Santa Claus.
  • There was an unknown, mysterious box with any reward inside. Why anyone? Everything is very simple. The box costs a timer with an interval of 1 hour, with each new click on the box will change its composition, so you can choose interesting things to you. Here you will find the rarest and most important items that will be useful to you, the only nuance – you need to wait for the time to expire. All the items that you receive you can pick up for free in the store. Nice gift for the New Year, is it?
  • As promised, the developers have added the opportunity to take a shower in the bunker. Go to the shower and in the lower right corner there is a shower icon, press it.
  • Fixed a bug with a blind zombie boss. Moments he disappeared from the textures or just stuck, but now this bug is fixed.

Important! Google Play awarded the Last Day on Earth and its developers as the most innovative game of 2017. Also, Last Day on Earth entered the list as one of the most popular game 2017 on Google Play.


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