By | September 9, 2017

Hello, friends! Today we have a new update for our favorite game – Last Day on Earth. New update under version 1.5.8. Let’s see what new changes┬áthere will be.

New version 1.5.8 for Last Day on Earth


  • There will be event especially for Chopper appearing on the map from time to time. Hurry up to start your motorcycle to get access to new discoveries and trophies!
  • Was increased the chances of Chopper parts drop in Lobby of Bunker Alfa to help those who has not assembled one yet. For example, tank drops twice as often now!

Long-awaited weapon

  • Was added Bow to the game as we wanted! It comes with special shooting mechanics. The stronger you nock the bowstring, the more damage it does!

New features

  • Was added emotional to a charter. To choose one, tap and hold on your charter or use an IOS force touch feature.
  • ReplayKit support has been added for IOS players which allows to record and stream your adventure. Show the world how you play Last Day on Earth.

Download update

Hacked mod


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