By | August 9, 2017

Hello, all fans and lovers game Last Day on Earth!

Today we propose to get acquainted with the innovations in the future patch for Last Day on Earth. Let me remind you that the current version of the game is 1.5.3. The next patch will be under version 1.5.4-1.6.0 ( the exact date is not yet known). As for the future patch, we know the following:

  • In the game will add a self-made pistol

Will it be possible to craft it or it will be some kind of reward – it is also not known. As soon as there is more accurate information about the changes and the date of the update – we will notify you immediately.

One Reply to “Update 1.5.4-1.6.0 for Last Day on Earth”

  1. Ace420king69

    We scavenge loads of glock 17s need craftable 12 gauge shotguns or 22 rifles never see them


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