By | September 27, 2019
Download Last Day season 2

Survivors! We have great news for you: Season 2 starts today, so the developers have prepared a lot of new and interesting things together with the release of update 1.14.3, which by the way has already been launched.

Military experiments

  • Watch out for Charlie! The Charlie who died in the first season. As a result of military experiments, Charlie’s body succumbed to a mutation and now everything is out of control.
  • Complete weekly quests of the season, complete story quests and get rewards. For completing all quests you will receive unique rewards
  • Clear the infected area and destroy all cocoons until the situation becomes critical, use infected weapons for this. Where to find him?
  • Create yourself. To create such a weapon, use a machine that can be found in the military camp.
  • The mutation from the experiments greatly affected the zombies, but still became and the lead is doing its job. As for the bosses, here the problem is more serious. To defeat them you will need proper gear and ingenuity.

Weapons and equipment

Harpoon is a reliable and main effective weapon. Decent replenishment of the arsenal. What do you think?

Kevlar armor – firstly, it looks very cool and impressive. Secondly, effective protection against zombies and humans. Reliable, light and durable armor will increase the chances of protection from the enemy

Download update 1.14.3

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