By | March 20, 2019
Download Last Day on Earth 1.11.9

Good day! Friends, we are in a hurry to announce the release of an additional update for the game Last Day on Earth. The current version of the game for today is 1.11.9. Recall, just yesterday, the developers released an update of version 1.11.8 with an enormous amount of innovations and useful additions, but unfortunately some problems and errors arose as soon as the version was available for download.
Thus, the developers decided to release an additional update to remove and fix all the bugs and errors that occurred in the previous version. Version 1.11.9, which eventually corrected all errors of version 1.11.8, was such a micro-update.

In order for the game to work correctly and without errors, it is necessary to reinstall the game to the output of patch 1.11.9. For iOS users, it will be available soon and will additionally fix the problem with the clan chat.


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