By | March 18, 2019
Download Last Day on Earth 1.11.8

Survivors! We inform about the release of the next update for Last Day on Earth. The current version of the game 1.11.8. At this time, the developers have prepared a lot of interesting changes and improvements: new weapons, new modes, a new event and many other interesting things. Read more about everything in the article below.

What’s new Last Day on Earth 1.11.8?

New weapon

Meet the new skills and weapons with the release of a new update for Last Day on Earth. Several types of weapons with different radii of impact and impact force are presented to your attention:

  • Self-made weapon that makes two shots in a row before reloading. Take two accurate shots and the enemy will definitely not be good
  • Knife for AK47. Put a knife on your weapon and you will have no equal in close combat
  • Board for a homemade battle with increased force of impact. Such board will roll away any representative of inhuman race
  • Perhaps the most effective and most destructive in battle will be the motor for the Destroyer. Thanks to this device, no enemy will not survive.

Player Customization Changes

With the release of this update, the system of customization of players will change, now in order to change the appearance of the players, you need to take advantage of the wardrobe that needs to be installed on your base. In addition, all changes will be preserved for coins, so it is important to make your choice consciously.

New event “St. Patrick’s Day”

Recall on March 17th is World St. Patrick’s Day. The developers of Last Day on Earth also decided to celebrate this day in a special way. In the game you can meet one of the main attributes of this holiday – the green hat. Important! After the end of the game, the hat will remain with the players, so make fun of them to get as the number of these attributes is limited.

Other changes

  • If you are lonely and you go to get a friend, we offer a great option – a dummy. You will find your new friend in the in-game store.
  • Changes on the global map. Be careful, as some locations are now in new places.

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