By | March 5, 2019
download Last Day on Earth: Survival 1.11.7

Attention! Attention! Important information for fans and fans of the game Last Day on Earth, today, March 4, developers have announced the release of a new update for the game. Meet update 1.11.7 for Last Day. Download the update and enjoy new features and changes in the game right now.

What’s new Last Day on Earth 1.11.7?

  • Fundamental changes in Sector 7. Sector 7 has undergone some changes, which ones? Come into the game right now and start your research.
  • In this patch, the developers opened 4 new infected zones at once. Adventure starts now
  • Especially for new infected areas, developers have added new weapons and armor. These sets as well as possible will be suitable for battles in the new territory.
  • If you are a skillful and strong fighter, you can go hiking for the territory of the zone. As soon as you cross the wall, you will be expected by a fighter who will offer you to complete a series of quests. Try to handle?

Video review of the change Last Day on Earth 1.11.7


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