By | April 4, 2019
download Update 1.11.10 for Last Day on Earth

Hello! Survivors, we have news for you. Today, April 4th, a new version of the game for Last Day on Earth has been released. The current version of the game 1.11.11. Recall the previous version of the game 1.11.10 made a lot of new changes and important innovations:

  • Now you can call your friends in the amount of 3 people and together go on adventures in Sector 7. To invite your friend, and not a random player, simply enter the nickname of the desired player.
  • Changed mechanic Eater
  • The clan repository has changed. Now there you can put important things, as well as borrow if necessary.
  • Added Twitch Drops for our streamers and their viewers.
  • All these changes are important and necessary. Unfortunately, it was not without problems and bugs. To fix all the errors and problems in the game, simply reload the game to the new version.


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