By | April 1, 2019
download Update 1.11.10 for Last Day on Earth

Friends! We announce the release of a new update for Last Day on Earth. The current version of the game for today 1.11.10. Below you can see the list of all changes and innovations in this version:

  • There was an opportunity to take your friends for a walk in Sector 7. Want to go to the boss with proven and true friends? Want not to be afraid of your loot and feel safe? Take only “your” people and go on a quest for adventures. To call your friend is enough to enter a friend’s tag.
  • Clan storage appeared. You can both leave something useful in the chest, and borrow something for yourself. Only warriors, officers and leaders have access to the repository
  • Changes with the Devil
  • Twitch Drops option for bloggers and YouTubeers has been added
  • Fixed a number of technical errors


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