By | October 23, 2018

Survivors! We have important news for you. Today, October 23rd, a new update for Last Day on Earth has been released. For a long period of time, the developers did not please us with large-scale updates, but with the release of patch 1.10, this situation has changed. We present an update that will bring a lot of new things to the game, and most importantly a very interesting one. Two new events, new enemies, location, holiday items and awards – all this awaits you in update 1.10

What’s new Last Day on Earth 1.10?

  • Halloween Event

Starting from October 24 to November 10 in the game will be an event – Halloween. Especially for this event, developers have added a new location. On this map you will meet your enemies, but in a new look. For example, the fat man in the mask of Jason, the Destroyer in the form of Freddie or the Runners with pumpkins on his head.

  • The day of All Dead

Starting from October 26 to November 10, in parallel with Halloween, there will be another event in the game, the Day of the Dead. Many believe that after death, souls come to visit their loved ones, but these are not legends at all, but the real truth. Get to know Catherine, she will need your help in finding the way home for lost souls.

  • Awards and holiday items

Be careful! With the passage of the event you can get special awards and holiday items. For example, a pumpkin hat, themed skin on a chopper, edible sweets and pumpkins, a luchador mask, a black sombrero, sugar skulls and unique icons. Awards will be available only in holiday locations.

  • Cult Joda father

Somewhere in the West, the cult of Father Joda was reborn. There are many legends and rumors about this cult, but by October 24 and by November 10 you can personally learn about this cult in the new guide.


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