By | November 16, 2018

Survivors! We have new information for you: today, November 16th, a new version of Last Day on Earth has been released. The current version of the game for today is 1.10.2. Thanks to some innovations, the gameplay in the game will change significantly.

What’s new in Last Day on Earth 1.10.2?

  • New base

If you have not heard, then under Sector 7 you can find a base, more precisely a bunker. This bunker is a new location which access is not available to everyone, but only those who are in clans. Single players, unfortunately, will not be able to visit a new area.

  • Increased chances of a chopper meeting

We have great news for those players who still do not have the coveted transport – it will be much easier to get the details to create a chopper. Visit the “Farm” location or the “Alpha” bunker and there the chances for obtaining parts increased significantly. Also increased the chances of falling parts of the engine on the same locations.


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