By | November 5, 2018

Good morning, survivors! We are glad to welcome you and of course we are in a hurry to share the release of a new update. Meet Last Day on Earth 1.10.1.

What’s new in Last Day on Earth 1.10.1?

First of all, we would like to remind you that in October a global version of Last Day on Ears 1.10 was released. This update was timed by 2 events that were to take place in the same month. First of all, we are talking about Halloween, which has already taken place.

But the second event, which is dedicated to the Day of the Dead, is still planning to take place, especially for this event, and update 1.10.1 was released. Hurry up and get acquainted with Katrina, whose lost soul you need to help find your way home.

And also you are waiting for new locations, holiday items and of course awards and nice bonuses. Update the game from the link below and enjoy the game. Happy holidays to all.


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