By | September 15, 2017
Last Day on Earth: Survival

Hello, survivors! Here is your favorite categores “Ask a question to the developer”, where players can ask questions to developres and them choose a dozen and answer.

Top 10 questions about Last Day on Earth

  • Will the elements of RPG in the game? If yes, which ones.

The question is generalized. The answer is for everyone who asked about this topic. Yes, there will be RPG elements in the game, different and cool. More detail about it we will tell you later.

  • Will there be a balance between the veteran of the game and beginers?

That’s a great question. For beginers at the online, game will be easier. Do not worry everything will be fine for beginers and proffi.

  • View from the first person – is it a joke?

Quite exactly in the game Last Day on Earth there will be no first-person view. Relax.

  • Can I cancel the move?

Also one of the most popular questions. We do not plan yet. Be careful when moving ?

  • Will there be daily bonuses when visiting the game, except for water and beans?

Maybe in the future, but not yet.

  • Will the strength of the armor increase?

Yes, but not as you think.

  • Will you correct the imbalance of falling objects?

Favorite. After analyzing the issues on this topic, we came to the conclusion that some players believe that certain items are seldom to find, because of “imbalance”. And if we tell you that this is a balance? ? Yes, something happens more often, something less, otherwise what’s the point of the search? Yes, it’s difficult to assemble a chopper. Yes, motors rarely fall. Yes, it is difficult to get a tank and a plug. But this is a valuable thing, and for it sake it is necessary to sweat.

  • When will there be new backpacks? Will it?

Yes, new, more spacious backpacks in the game will be. In fact, they will become available as soon as steel appears in the game. So, perhaps, it does not take long to wait.

  • Where can I get the caretaker’s access key?

Secret ”

  • Why is there no training for players?

Survival is not taught?

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