By | August 13, 2017

Hello everybody,

Welcome back to other episodes last day on earth survival to date. Bunker Alfa has the second floor we’ve come prepared i’m bringing an aka shotgun a big swinger we got tons of meds we got the key card and we got some fresh armor we are ready to riggity wreck this a bunker.

So now we’re going to go to bunker alfa and let’s see let’s go to level 2 yeah it feels amazing so i think you need to first clear the level Warner. I believe so so it’s gonna be really hard. I still i’m gonna do it yeah that’s about it like we’re gonna brinkg all of these weapons.
I’m pretty sure we’re gonna have some leftover stuff still safety is first.

Today we have prepared for you several videos in which you can look at the gameplay of the second floor of the bunker ALFA.

The first video from the channel Element X – LDoE

The second video from the channel Red W

Bunker Alfa Level 2 Overview by Infamous4sh


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