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Many players do not have the opportunity to launch one of the most popular zombie games Last Day on Earth on PC. Everyone has their own reasons for this, some do not have a phone for Android; others simply do not suit version on phone; some people do not have time to play on the phone, but have only a free minute to run the game on the computer.

Therefore, we have created an instruction in which we will explain in detail and understand how to download, run and play Last Day on Earth on a PC.

To do this you need to download and install Android emulators. Thanks to them you will be able to launch and install any application from the Play Market, including our zombie apocalypse game.

There are two powerful and advanced emulators:

Each of them you can download by going to them on the site or through the torrent. After downloading the emulator, you need to find it on your computer and run the installation.

The first startup window looks like this, at this stage the system checks the system requirements of your computer and makes the installation of BigNox.

The emulator installation is complete. Press the “Start” button

Next, you see an introductory window of the program that shows all its functions. To skip it and go further.

After the emulator is fully launched on the main desktop, we look for the Play Store, start it.

In order to use the Play Store, we need to enter your Google account data or create new ones.

After that, we will be in Play Market, where you can find thousands of offers and including one we want – Last Day on Earth.

We go to the game page, run its installation and press open.

That’s all. The game starts, you can start playing.

Running the game using the BlueStaks emulator is almost identical. Download it, run it. Enter the Play Market, enter your login and password, or create a new account. Next, the game appears on the desktop, it only remains to run it and start playing.

The time from the beginning of installation and before the launch takes about 10 minutes after which you will be able to fully play on the Last Day on Earth using your PC.

If you still have the opportunity to install the game on your phone, then you can download it on our website. In addition, every day we publish the actual code for the alpha bunker.

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  1. Jerry

    Can we only use the mouse for the commands? Like how can we walk while were gathering? It seems every difficult to do two things at once if we have to use the mouse pointer. Sorry I may be stupid but I had to ask.


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