By | January 8, 2018

As you remember, the Last Day on Earth team in 2017 received many pleasant awards and a lot of positive feedback from the players. Perhaps the most valuable award was the title of “best innovative game in 2017” from Google Play. In 2018, the author Last Day decided not to lose a grasp and immediately released a new and very interesting update.

  • The first update in 2018 under the version Last Day on Earth 1.7.0. Patch 1.7.0 pleased its fans with interesting innovations and additions. Perhaps the most interesting innovation was the event Raiders. Apocalypse has affected people in different ways, some want to survive, others want to survive at any cost, even at the expense of others.
    If you are from the second category, then the Raiders are your best friends. You do not need to search for them, they will find you and offer their cooperation, if you agree then the Raiders will show you the bases of other players, where you can make good money, but it’s worth remembering that once you agree to cooperate with them your base is also under threat. What to choose? Depends only on you.
  • Explosives C-4. Now you can use explosives to destroy the enemies, but be careful with the noise there may be too many zombies

More details about these and other innovations you can see in the video below


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