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Last Day 1.6.5 Halloween

October 21, 2017, a new update to Last Day on Earth: Survial 1.6.5. The developers dedicated this update to the upcoming holiday – Halloween. They prepared many interesting subjects, among them: pumpkins, brains, eyes and teeth of zombies, etc. All this will work 10 days before Halloween.

Everything will bring you the atmosphere of Halloween. Many developers have prepared many different trifles. They made the inscription on the door: “Happy Halloween”. So now in the craft you can find a pumpkin-lamp for your house.

Last Day 1.6.5 Happy Halloween

Now you have a new task on the map – the smugglers’ camp. Among the inventory you will have a broom, which you can fight off from the zombies. You also have to collect the eyes, teeth and brains of zombies for exchange for other interesting items.¬†You can make an exchange with the dealer Frankie Stein.

For a tooth zombie you get 2 points, for the eye – 4, and for the brains -10. If you collect 500 points, you can get a zombie collar for them. With the help of this collar you can tame yourself up to 5 zombies, who will walk behind you and help you in battle.

Last Day 1.6.5 Halloween pattern for Chopper

For 1000 points you will be given a zombie helmet. There are suggestions that it will not break down and you will be able to use it until the end of the holiday. For 5000 points, you will receive a new pattern for Chopper’s “Halloween 17” in Halloween stylistics. But it will disappear after the holiday. In the products you will have a replacement: carrots will be exchanged for pumpkin. In honor of the holiday you will be able to find sweets.

Last Day 1.6.5 pumpkin

Running on the cards you will find graves. You will need to dig up the graves. For this, you need to craft a shovel. During the excavation there may be two options: a grave with interesting objects and a fake one. If the grave is false, then the gas will go.

Last Day 1.6.5 graves

That’s all the updates for now. The developers have tried to immerse you in the atmosphere of the holiday of Halloween. Whether they succeeded or not, you can estimate it yourself. Good game!

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