By | September 25, 2017

Hello! Fans and lovers of the game on survival Last Day on Earth. We have already repeatedly informed you about a new, future patch under version 1.6.0. Earlier, we reported that the update will be released this weekend, referring to the messages from the developers. But unfortunately, the release of the update did not take place. Today we received new information about this.

Update 1.6.0 is Live! See more details


  • At first. In connection with the preparation and scale of the new patch, release 1.6.0 will take place this week. A specific date we will report a little later.
  • Secondly. Update 1.6.0 really will be global and scale. Along the backpacks, the developers add a lot of innovations and make a lot of adjustments that will make the game even more exciting and interesting. As soon as an update is available you can download it here.

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