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Friends! I’m sure you’ve probably noticed the strangeness in the updates. I mean patch 1.5.8 was relevant, but for some reason, developers without a warning or some additional information updated the game to a mysterious update 1.5.9. Why mysterious? because in fact, nothing new has changed, everything was as earlier.

Update 1.6.0 is Live! See more details

We have a suggestion in this regard. I warn you, this is only an assumption, judging by our experience of the game. Since we are playing from the very beginning in Last Day on Earth, we have some thoughts about patch 1.5.9 and the future update 1.6.0 (which by the way is already actively preparing for the release and will be in a few days).

Judging by the latest patches, for example 1.4.6 and then 1.5.0, these patches were not accidental. If anyone remember the update 1.4.6 was not significant, but the subsequent 1.5.0 turned out to be global. So now, patch 1.5.9 was “empty”, but the next update 1.6.0 should be global. Judging by the information that developers share with the players, we can make a list with the proposed changes and innovations of the update 1.6.0. By the way, a new patch is expected on this weekend.

Update 1.6.0

  • Definitely you can say that there will be a backpack. Developers have long promised a new backpack and judging by the fact that it is clearly visible in the new trailers in version 1.6.0 it will definitely appear.
  • Judging by several facts, in version 1.6.0 a new bow should appear.
  • Probably there should be a new location
  • Perhaps there will be an opportunity to swim the river, thanks to the fins, which are already in the game and the underwater pipe.
  • Add something else, but the main thing is global.

The main thing is to remember that the release of the new update will certainly be large-scale and global, so we are already looking forward to it.

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  1. Defecticon

    Please make it so that lower bunker levels are playable with old cellphones, such as Moto E G2


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