By | January 6, 2018

New Year holidays are a great time to visit friends. Welcome raiders that will tell you about other survivors’ bases, stock up on hatchets, find C-4 and set up to fill your backpacks!


We added a new event – “Raids”!

  • Attack other survivors’ bases that raiders will point to!
  • Crush everything on your way and take your loot, but be careful, noise attracts zombies!
  • If you take part in raids, don’t forget about the defense of your base! Smart chest arrangement and wall fortification will help you keep items collected.
  • Someone destroyed your walls and took your resources! Revenge those survivors that attacked your base!


Meet raiders – they will find you themselves when they have something to offer you. Share your loot with raiders and earn reputation in order to get more valuable leads.

Remember that raiders are tough guys, if you try to fool them when sharing the loot, their punishment won’t make you wait.

Note! As soon as you accept raiders’ offer, other survivors will also be able to attack your base.


You’ve been waiting for it for so long! C-4 is now available for use! If you aren’t scared of zombie hordes that come running when they hear noise, then it’s the best option to destroy firm walls on survivors’ bases. You can find C-4 in the bunker as well as on other dangerous locations.

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3 Replies to “New in version 1.7. LDOE”

  1. LimitlesS2P Qc

    I gave a ratchet and got a good deal abd i havent been raided after. Got 9 motor pieces!!

  2. Big ben

    After update, I finished the generator and opened the watch tower to open new territory. Brought iron hatchets to new player zone to raid loot….. Cannot use hatchets to break wall!


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