By | December 16, 2017
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Christmas is coming and we are happy to present you an update dedicated to the holiday. Decorate a Christmas tree, craft ornaments using a special workbench and get gifts once a day! But that’s not all. We have prepared a special surprise for the most loyal fans!

Update 1.6.12. What’s New?

NEW EVENT. We added a new event called “Holiday van”, look for it on the global map towards Christmas. In the event, help Nick Santy get out of a snow trap, find his reindeer and he will share some of his gifts with you:

TREATS. There are lots of holiday treats to any taste in the game now:

  • Champagne. If you drink it, wonderful things can happen, even long-range weapons get a chance of critical damage.
  • Egg-nog is so sweet and viscous that can speed down your enemies, you just have to drink it and start firing.
  • Yule log can increase the amount of ore and tree produced. We have no idea how this works.
  • Cakes – just for a snack. Eat them and everything will become very clear, so experience will be earned faster.
  • A Christmas table without a roasted turkey? No way! But you’ll have to catch it first.
  • If this is not enough, eat a gingerbread man and you’ll become smarter at once!



  • No Christmas without fireworks! That’s why we added a flare gun.
  • Wanted to get a weapon with critical damage without stealth? Welcome! Frost staff! Looks a little bia. but its woundina oower is imoressive.
  • Do we have a grandpa’s ugly Christmas sweater? Of course we do!
  • And of course we have a red cap with a pompom. Dress up and be the king of the Christmas party.
  • Note that almost all holiday items will disappear soon after Christmas!

We couldn’t skip your favourite bunker. Look for a special modulator that can restart your progress of passing the bunker, but be careful – to launch the device you’ll need a powerful battery.

Download update

Hacked mod


7 Replies to “New in version 1.6.12 LDOE”

  1. Steven

    The modulator is with the guy with the Christmas van! You have to give him some parts and resources to rack up points to “purchase” the items

  2. Gigi

    I’m stuck in the game my fame doesn’t start after i made the last gun when i tried to use it the fame stoped and never work again ???? what shall i do??

  3. Sean K

    What is the significance of using the modulator to restart your progress of passing the bunker? Doesn’t it restart every other day anyway? I must be misunderstanding the restart part.


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