By | September 28, 2017

Finally the release of the long-awaited and promising update for Last Day on Earth under version 1.6.0. You can download the update right now by clicking on this link. What interestingly prepared for us the developers, we learn just now.

What was added to the game Last 1.6.0?

In the new patch, developers have added many new and useful elements.

Trip Wire Trap

  • To create it, you need 5 pieces of an oak plank, 3 ropes, and 10 empty cans. Trip Wire Trap is a great way to protect the house. Be sure to try it and check it personally.


Another way to protect home. To create it you need 15 and 20 pieces of different steel. Where to get such a steel? At winter locations. In the recipes, you can find a detailed description of what this type of steel is made of. Namely: from steel, aluminum, and iron. Draw your attention! Only at level 4th will it be possible to construct such a structure.

Electric Generator

  • To build a generator, you will need 10 iron plates, 15 bolts, 5 aluminum bars and 5 wrenches. After you have assembled the generator you need to translate it, for this chopper is the best. The final stop is where you need to take the generator – watchtower.


  • The observation tower is a new location in the game. On this map you will find the observation tower itself and the oil tower, but access to the latter is closed. After you unlock the watchtower, you will be able to find the fox. Watching them you can find their skins and fur. Fur fox is the best fit for making fur hats, boots and jackets.

Refined melting furnace

  • The production will need 20 pieces of oak plank, 10 pieces of iron plate, 20 stone bricks and 20 iron bars.


  • The game will have a firearm, but be careful of the noise because of the shot there may be unwanted guests.


  • Collect the parts from the working engine and you will have the opportunity to build your own transport or all-terrain vehicle.

Zip Gun

Military backpacks

Whatever you need, you’ll need: 10 pieces of thick fabric, 2 steel plates and 15 ropes. Using all these elements you can easily make a military backpack and increase your roominess.
And many other interesting things.

Download update 1.6.0

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