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A few survivors – guardian Chuck, hunter Casey, collector Vivien, and scientist Harry – took refuge in the camp on the river bank. They need your help. Carry out their tasks, and a reward won’t be long in coming. They’re counting on you!

Quests and locations

Apart from Settlement, action zone of Season 6 will spread out over a few main locations – Town ruins and Abandoned village. Also, Settlement dwellers’ tasks will lead you to Raiders’ camp, House on forest edge, and Bear’s lair.

Besiders, they secretly shared that it’s possible to get to the basement or sewer through Town ruins. There, you’ll certainly find something interesting. And dangerous.


Dwellers of Settlements have been through a lot, so they have trouble trusting people. You’ll have to earn their trust. Each dweller has a reputation level which can be upgraded with points that can be earned for completing quests. The most resprected players get more rewards.

New Fish

Settlement stands near the lake that holds trout. You can make of it 2 new dishes giving useful buffs. Good news for those who haven’t opened the “Fisherman” skill yet – its drop rate has been increased. Prepare your fishing rods!

New Motorcycles, Backpacks, And Underwear

The best way to become a cool survivor is to get new bikes and backpacks. Red underwear also needs to be changed. Apart from bikes from list of seasons rewards, you also have a chance to get a new sweetheart from Lenny, which he is ready to exchange for tokens at the Gas Station.

Download last update 1.16.4


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